Apu Kumar Roy
Apu Kumar Roy

Apu is the founder of Blogger Making. He previously managed the content marketing efforts for multinational brands. Now he teaches bloggers how to create a blog that thrives in a noisy online world.

Blogger Making is a website where we always deliver high quality content. All of the content will be provided with our five year blogging journey.

We promise to delivers well researched and quality articles related to Blogging, SEO, Hosting, Affiliate Marketing & Digital Marketing.

Our content writers are highly experienced professionals in the Blogging, SEO, and online marketing.

Our blog is purely dedicated to those who are searching for Blogging, SEO, Digital Marketing and all kinds of updates related to Blogging.

Our mission is to deliver articles to those who wish to stay connected with blogging to grow their knowledge day in and out.

Why Did We Start Blogger Making?

We started Blogger Making to share the latest articles related to blogging, SEO, digital marketing.

We won’t write any fake news and our readers can expect genuine and real unbiased articles.

In case of any queries, visit our contact us page or drop a message at

Who’s behind Blogger Making?

My name is Apu Kumar Roy and I’m an Blogger since 2016. I started bloggermaking.com to provide Blogging, SEO, Hosting, Affiliate Marketing & Digital Marketing related tips.