Elementor is a WordPress website page builder plugin that replaces the basic or classic WordPress editor and you can live with a live frontend editor to create complex layouts visually and design your website with live, without having to switch between the editor and the preview mode.

Basically, you can create any kind of complex design for your website single pages or single post pages by using the free version of Elementor.

But, if you want to take control overall the WordPress theme, you must need to buy the Elementor Pro version.

Without it you can’t take any control over all the WordPress theme.

Since, the developer of this page builder was launching Elementor Page Builder, it has received a lot of exposure in the WordPress community, yet still.

Most of the people can’t imagine how they provides a lot of premium quality widgets is totally free.

At that time, a lot of page builders are available in the WordPress Market place within a few days it takes place into the hearth of the new bloggers, developers and agencies, yet still.

This is why we decided to write an actual review for the page builder that gives you a closer acquaintance with Elementor Page Builder.

What exactly is Elementor for WordPress?

It comes with both free and Pro version page builder in the WordPress community in which helps you to create a beautiful, awesome, and incredible WordPress website. Almost easiest and quickest way than other page builders.

A lot of special feature that are available in the free version. If you don’t want to buy the Pro version, you get more option after install some free addons from the WordPress.org plugins section.

After installing another plugin which is basically addons for Elementor in which upgrading some new functionalities that are not available in the free version of Elementor.

What is so unique about Elementor?

This plugin comes with both free and pro version. The key difference between another WordPress Page Builders is that you can reach a one level up of the design.

By using this plugin that helps you to create next level quality layout in which can impress anyone. You can design it on the front-end of your website.

elementor page builder

Elementor is the name of WordPress website page editor that save you’re a lot of time to design a complex layout of your website.

It is the first, and recently the only frontend WordPress website page builder to offer you with limitless design possibilities.

It includes dozens of useful widgets, a stunningly designed template library, a unique mobile editing toolset and a visual revision history feature.

These are actually just some of the features available for you in this free plugin.

How does Elementor Page Builder work?

Elementor specially is a WordPress plugin that replaces the default WordPress editor and convert into with the front-end editor live editor.

By using this plugin, you can create any kind of complex website layouts visually, and design your website live.

It makes your design possibilities into the next level without knowing any kind programming languages.

All of the procedure will be applied without having to switch between the editor and the preview mode.

How to make a website through Elementor Page builder?

The Elementor page builder enables you to create your website with a top-notch quality of design without learning or knowing to use code or CSS, and without hiring any kind of WordPress theme developer.

The user interface is extremely mobile and tablet friendly but sometime mobile interface are facing some problem with font size and text alignment which is not biggest problem at all.

You can easily exclude the problem by viewing with mobile mode from the Elementor Front-End page after resizing the text and images.

All of the designing process only takes a few minutes to get the hang of it.

What’s Special About Elementor Page Builder?

There are a lot speciality includes in this page builders. The public mind always wants more and more but not happy in their life.

But to be best WordPress page builder must some special features that make it’s a perfect and best WordPress page builder.

According to the special features it has a lot of Pre-designed templates, layouts, widgets, Header and footer section and more.

As mentioned above, the plugin comes with a full pack of essential site building elements that help to create your website easily within a minute.

10+ Genuine Reasons to Make Your Website through Elementor Page Builder

Genuine reason is the most infective reason that reality help to build your website much unique.

When you are developing your website, you can permit any kind of people as a guest. By using this method, you can control the page builder admin panel.

Suppose, you don’t have much time to creating best website layout but you don’t have sufficient time, but you want.

At that you can hire a developer and customizer using different kind of freelancer website.

Using your website Dashboard, you can easily permit them which are developer and which are not. As a result, you can make much of websites with a lot more fun.

There are multiple tools and plugins available in the WordPress.org when you are going to build a website on WordPress.

Today we’ll explore a new one, Elementor Page Builder. If you’re tired of the same old page builder plugins, this is one you should try out.

It comes with a lot of design elements, add-ons, functionalities. It has also device specific responsive controls, easy templates export/import options, padding adjustment, and above all, drag & drop real-time frontend editing system.

It has everything in it to power a full-fledged website. It’s an all-in-one WordPress plugin for your site building needs.

It’s a free WordPress page builder plugin that helps you build beautiful websites like a pro.

Now, we are going to describe the whole feature of Elementor WordPress Page Builder. Each of the feature describe according to the expert of the Elementor.

Drag & Drop Website Building

“Drag and Drop” feature is the coolest feature at all. There are many popular WordPress Page builder which offer you a drag & drop functionality.

This feature is really very cool because drag and drop feature help you to build high level layouts.

With the help of drag and drop feature, you can easily add anything like text, buttons, icons, images, column, and a lot of things.

Elementor Page Builder

This feature is available in the best WordPress Page Builder. As a best page builder, Elementor also has drag and drop building functionality that really too good. By using this, you just need to drag the particular add-on and drop it on the place you want to have it.

Drag and drop facilities only available in the front-end on the site, so everything happens on your eyes. You can control everything over the designing process over the whole Website.

Faster, Real-Time Front-End Editing

Faster, Real-Time Front-End Editing is the demand-able feature then others. But some of the page builder don’t have this speciality because this is really rare feature.

But, the Elementor page builder developer seriously build the faster, real-time front-end editing feature which is really good.

Elementor WordPress Page Builder is also very lightweight plugins than others. Its takes remarkably less time than all other similar plugins to make a shocking and functional website.

It’ll change the way you build websites on WordPress. There are many ready elements that was already inside into the WordPress Builder. you only got to skills to use them.

Being built using the newest technologies, this tool helps you get your website ready in minutes.

There are many bloggers who don’t know much of programming language or someone blogger don’t know any kind of programming language.

If you are one of them don’t know how to write code but you want to build websites, Elementor Page Builder is the right tool for you.

When you are using this plugin, there is no need to write code to add any kind functionality or design to your web pages.

Elementor Page Builder is the top-level page builder where already include a lot of elements and the drag-and-drop functionality do the job for you.

When you want to create a new page for your website and then you can edit it through the Elementor WordPress Page Builder is incredibly easy.

To create your website page by using this plugin, you can choose some Pre-Designed layout in which helps creating some advanced level pages for your website.

After choosing the Pre-Designed template, first you should need to edit it from the front-end of the Website.

After editing the content which imported from the layout, you can enjoy a new site building experience with state-of-the-art resources inside.

Create beautiful web pages on a modern and pleasing user interface.

100+ Widgets and Sections

Widgets are blocks of content that you can add to your website’s any kind of place such as content area, sidebar area, header and footer area and much more areas.

Without having to write any code, each widget adds some extra features or functions to your website.

There are many way to develop your website using different kind of widgets elements and sections.

You can easily develop your website through the most popular elements like texts, images, icons, buttons, and more.

Some of the few widgets are available in the follow section.

  • Forms (opt-in, contact, and login forms)
  • Pricing tables
  • Grid blog posts
  • Price list
  • Countdown
  • Woo-commerce features (products, categories, add to cart)
  • Flip box
  • Form integrations
  • Block-quote
  • Media carousel
  • Share buttons
  • Reviews

There are plenty of add-ons in Elementor page builder to fully equip and deck out your website easily so that your website looks very nice and awesome.

Drag & drop the add-ons on web pages and then modify their looks the way you want.

The Elementor widgets divided into four categories. All of the powerful Elementor widgets are listing the following below section.

1. Free Basic Elements

Elementor Page Builder

We know that its comes with both free and pro version. Its basic elements are available for the free WordPress Page builder version that are available in the WordPress.org official website.

Millions of user already activated this plugin that are really amazing. It is the most trustable and popular free page builder in the WordPress.org. The popularity is increasing day by day.

The basic elements are:

  • Inner Section
  • Heading
  • Image
  • Text Editor
  • Video
  • Button
  • Star Rating
  • Divider
  • Google Maps
  • Icon
  • Image Box
  • Icon Box
  • Basic Gallery
  • Image Carousel
  • Icon List
  • Counter
  • Spacer
  • Testimonial
  • Tabs
  • Accordion
  • Toggle
  • Social Icons
  • Progress Bar
  • Sound Cloud
  • Shortcode
  • HTML
  • Menu Anchor
  • Sidebar
  • Alert

2. Pro Elements

Elementor Page Builder

The pro elements are available for the paid user those who purchase its premium licence from their website. By using this pro elements, you can customize your website looks very nice and pretty.

  • Posts
  • Portfolio
  • Slides
  • Form
  • Login
  • Nav Menu
  • Animated Headline
  • Price List
  • Price Table
  • Flip Box
  • Call To Action
  • Media Carousel
  • Testimonial Carousel
  • Countdown
  • Share Buttons
  • Blockquote
  • Reviews
  • Facebook Button
  • Facebook Embed
  • Facebook Page
  • Template
  • Facebook Comments
  • Gallery
  • Table Of Contents

3. Theme Element

Elementor Page Builder

We previously told you its comes with both free and pro version. The elements is totally paid version. All of the theme element are shown below section.

  • Post Title
  • Post Excerpt
  • Post Content
  • Featured Image
  • Author Box
  • Post Comments
  • Post Navigation
  • Post Info
  • Site Logo
  • Site Title
  • Page Title
  • Search Form
  • Breadcrumbs
  • Sitemap

4. Woo-Commerce Elements

Elementor Page Builder

Woo-Commerce elements are also the most popular elementor element that are available for the paid user. If you want to activate those elements, you must need to install woo-commerce plugin.

Without woo-commerce plugin, you can’t use Woo-commerce elements in your website. The elements are:

  • Product Breadcrumbs
  • Product Title
  • Product Images
  • Product Price
  • Add To Cart
  • Product Rating
  • Product Stock
  • Product Meta
  • Short Description
  • Product Content
  • Product Data Tabs
  • Additional Information
  • Product Related
  • Upsells
  • Products
  • Custom Add To Cart
  • Woocommerce Pages
  • Product Categories
  • Menu Cart

Now, we are going to describe about some of the amazing widgets are


Form is the famous widget for kind of website. To collect email address and apply to your affiliate marketing, you must integrate Form into your website.

To create web forms effortlessly by using this page builder plugin. It gives a convenient path to style your forms as you desire.

Without any kind of WordPress plugin, you can easily integrate it because the form widget itself is capable of setting up any kind of form

Moreover, you can maintain the form plugins and enable reCAPTCHA with just a simple click.

1. Carousel

It is most important but many user don’t know how to use it. Most of the difficult setting and design hard to implement into your website but it is available in the Elementor page builder. By using this plugin, you can easily implement without any kind of third party plugins

2. Post Grid

It is widgets that we used to display blog posts in grids. All of the grip post are defining the number of posts and styling the look.

3. Feature Box

To be a great website builder , you must have the Feature Box element that use to display the features of products on your website.

4. Accordion

Accordion is the accordion widget that are really very cool. By using this page builder, you can easily collapse any kind of text content on your website.

6. Person Carousel

The personal carousel is one of the most popular widget to display yourself. If you want to display your profile and testimonial individually, you can also showcase them in carousels too.

7. Pricing Table

Price table is the best for them who are selling different kind of digital product, you must use this pricing table.

For services, you offer or products you sell, you probably need pricing tables.

Use the Pricing Table widget in Elementor page builder to set up pricing tables easily.

8. Animated Number

Use this add-on to display animated numbers for better stats presentations.

9. Flip Box

Flip box is the another important feature that you want to display your website logo and more, Have a flip-box with logo, title, text, and buttons, and change the flip options and style to look the way you want.

10. Testimonial

Show what people think about your business anywhere on the site.

11. Pie Progress

Pie Progress is the another widget that may be used to show your website different types of progress bar.

12. Social Button

Link to social media profiles using different buttons on your site.

13. Cloud Library

This widgets are really help for paid user. Those website user purchased this page builder, you can access into the Elementor Cloud library to import premium quality layouts and templates.

Device Specific Responsiveness Controls

When we design any kind of website through the WordPress page builder, we need to remember it – Responsiveness are available in the page builder or not.

Responsiveness control is the another most popular feature that are available in the Elementor page builder.

By using it, you can check your website looks on different size of devices which is really cool and pretty.

The device specific responsiveness controlling system in Elementor page builder already available in the page builder.

By using this feature, you can easily adjust and optimize web pages for desktops, tablets, and mobile phones easily.

The process of making web pages responsive with only a single unit (pixel) does not make a page builder smart.

Elementor page builder is introduced multiple responsiveness device control system alongside pixels, you can also determine the responsive break-point with rem and percentage units. 

Plenty of Pre-Designed Layouts

elementor templates

Pre-Designed template is the basic needs for every website user or blogger. Some blogger are the beginner and some are the master but WordPress page builder developer must think about that.

Whatever, the type of website in which you want to build, a wide range of pre-designed templates inside Elementor page builder has got you covered.

If you want to design your own website, you can choose any layout that matches your niche the most and then customize them with your contents, and launch a complete website within a minutes.

These ready-made layouts come in the form of layout packs. The most popular layout packs are:

1. Insurance

It will be always be perfect for any kind of finance related company, corporate firm, or agency that provide insurance services.

The Pre-made design template comes with three built-in pages namely: Home, About, and Services.

2. Spa

Spa is the most popular topic in our personal life. So, if you want open a website like Spa here you get Pre-Made template.

Few of the templates are beauty salons, beauty parlours, hair and nail salons, barber lounges, and all other similar business websites.

Currently, the Spa pack has three pages: Home, Offer, and Packages.

3. Painting

For different services like plumbing, painting, carpentry, handyman, housekeeping, domestic cleaning, and repair utility websites.

The pages include: Home, About, and Services.

4. Architecture

Most of the builder want to open their website like a professional architecture. Elementor provides your some ready-made home decor, architectural design, and other relevant corporate firms website template. The built-in pages include: Home, About, and Services.

5. Lawyer

Made for lawyers, individuals, and law firms providing services related to law. The available pages include: Home, About, Notice, Contact, and Services.

6. Salon

For any hair salon, nail salon, barber lounge, and other relevant business websites. The pre-made pages include: Home, About, and Style Showcase.

7. Business

The blogger can build any type of business websites if they want. It is possible when your niche match. For the different kind of companies or business firms need to show their portfolios, profiles, and services. They can easily import them covered their all options. Because all of the available pages in this pack include: Home, About, Team, Portfolio, Pricing, Contact, and Services.

8. Third-party page layouts:

You can get additional page layouts in Elementor page builder comes with a lot of third party Layouts section. Build a plugin that holds your page layouts. Install and activate that plugin to be able to use them.

Present, a lot of companies provide their services but their services is really too good then others.

There are many other professional grade page layouts inside Elementor Cloud library. You can easily pick them and import into your website so that you can build your website really like a professional blogger.

Ready-Made Pre-designed Blocks

elementor blocks

After launching the Gutenberg Visual Editor, the popularity of different kind of Block editor are increasing day by day.

Elementor page builder offers you a lot of ready-made and ready-to-use design block that is really too good than others.

The pre-made design blocks to make your website really is really like a pro. It makes your design process to easy and make it to faster than others.

We previously told you that it has the drag and drop feature that help to design your website is too easy and live.

For this reason, the whole process completes itself in a blink of an eye.

By the blessing of drag and drop feature, you can design your website with live.

Like all other sections on the page, you can also modify the block’s look and feel.

There’s a “view block” button on each block to check how they look on the live site.

The blocks come in different categories. Find them by using the right keywords. The available categories are:

1. Testimonial

It is most common block that are available for all Page builder. It help to share client feedback on your site.

The elementor page builder’s Testimonial blocks come in handy in this case.

You can easily choose it drop from the dashboard and then pick your desired design, including these variations: Light, Dark, Slides, Grid Styled.

2. Team

This block section is most important for team work blogger who works as a team on their website.

By using this block section, they can display their team members in a professional way with Elementor ready elements.

The available blocks have multiple design variations with different effects and behaviours.

Each block comes with names, designations, and social links for the team members in different styles.

3. Feature

This feature block is most important those blogger who are selling their product through their website.

By using these blocks to showcase the features of your company, products, and services you offer on your website.

There are many different designs to choose from. Select the one that goes with your design.

4. Pricing table

Pricing table is most important for them who are selling product and businessman. It have pricing tables for your products and services.

You can use them to display in your website.

The blocks have multiple built-in pricing tables with features.

Some of them also let you highlight the pricing plans.

5. Content

We know that content is the key to success for every where. You can beautifully designed any kind of text through content section.

It comes with ready-made blocks in Elementor. Use any content block that you like for your website.

6. Call-to-action

The most popular block is call-to-action. If you want to link your some post with your some pages or post, you must use this block.

When a visitor comes into your website, if you want to show some activity in your website must use this block.

You can have a call to action button with different visuals and texts to inspire visitors to click on them.

7. Third-party blocks

Most of the page builder comes with different kind of third party plugins and blocks section. If you want to use blocks of your own choice beyond all these built-in blocks, you can surely do that with WP Page Builder. The tool supports third-party blocks.

There are tons of more blocks coming, the team behind WP Page Builder is very much keen on improving it.

Tons of Essential Icons

elementor icons

When a blogger and developer are designing their website and their client website, they must remember it – their design must look very nice are awesome so that any anyone love their interface.

While building a website, icons play a important role to design any kind of awesome website.

Apart from the design, you need them to highlight or differentiate your content. Elementor page builder has a rich collection of font icons to meet this need.

Font Awesome: There are 670+ Font Awesome icons inside the page builder font awesome tools. You can easily use them anywhere on any content of your site.

Built with User-Friendliness in Mind

The user interface must be an user-friendly. All of the device must need to be supported.

Everybody knows WordPress should have a pretty easy time using Elementor Page Builder.

The plugin brings a superbly versatile user experience on a wonderful interface. Most of the designer and developer love this page builder.

It is the effortless tools those who are using WordPress as a first time.

According to the all WordPress users, Elementor WordPress theme Builder plugin has been built with all-inclusive features.

It’s inspired and developed by pros, but it’s built for everyone.

Library to Save Your Own Blocks

Any user make their design once they can save it for future purposes. You can easily reuse a previously designed section repeatedly on different kind of pages entire your website.

The library system in Elementor page builder lets you store your own design blocks.

To store into their library block, you need to save them in the library once, and you can then reuse them as many times as you want.

It will become your own library if you will build once. After creating a content section in a row, hover over the row and click on the “Save Row” icon.

Give it a name and hit the “Save” button. The row will be saved right at the bottom of the Library. Yes, it’s that simple.

Easy and Flexible Building Mechanism

Elementor page builder offers you a wide variety of functionalities, which you can use develop a website easily and quickly.

By using this page builder, you can easily edit, duplicate, delete and other customization options while hovering over them in edit mode.

Here are some of the exciting development benefits that this page builder offers.

1. Create multiple row-column structures

To create a row, you should need to be calculating the number of columns in it is just a click away with Elementor Page Builder.

After clicking on the “Add Row” a panel will come into your running window. Easily select the number you want.

2. Duplicate any element in one click

Once you’ve got created a section, be it a column or a row, you don’t need to create it again.

you’ll duplicate it during a single click. Find the “Duplicate” icon on the customization option panel and click on it.

Literally, you’ll duplicate anything on a page.

3. Control column horizontal spacing (Gutter)

Adjusting spaces between columns is far easier with Elementor Page builder column gutter.

Regardless of the amount of columns you’ve got during a single row, you’ll easily determine the space between them.

Drag the Gutter on the left sidebar to regulate the column horizontal spacing with their height and width.

4. Export, import, and clear page content

Elementor Page Builder lets you export pages you’ve created with it.

You can easily also import it from outside.

There’s a menu called “Tools” in the left sidebar that lets you export, import, and clear a page content with three different sub-tools.

5. Flexible padding adjustment by dragging

Want to line the content padding flexibly? you’ll literally play with it. Set the padding by dragging.

The padding unit is additionally shown in pixel (px).

All of the weather (addons, blocks, page templates, rows, and columns) get some padding by default, but you’ll easily adjust it.

6. Unlimited undo/redo options

It doesn’t matter if you’ve got deleted something by mistake.

There are unlimited undo/redo options to revert those actions.

So, no worries. The undo and redo buttons occupy rock bottom of the page.

While editing any page with Elementor Page Builder, you usually have those buttons there to require action.

7. Add custom CSS

Want to travel beyond Elementor page builder existing customization options?

Yes, you’ve got the liberty to try to to so.

There’s a system to feature custom CSS to any element you’ve got on the page.

You only got to attend the Advanced styling option then add CSS. you’ll also call ids & classes and define a z-index to all or any elements if required.

WordPress Widget Support

Inspite of having such advanced elements inside, you would possibly want to use WordPress widgets while building your site.

The default widgets are shown just after the add-ons. These are often used anywhere on the page. just like the add-ons, the widgets also can be dragged and dropped.

Developer Support

Alongside a whopping 100+ addons to empower you to create sites with versatile page elements, developers who want to use their own addons for any extra functionality/design, can certainly do this .

Developers can easily add their custom blocks and layouts to Elementor WordPress Page Builder.

Elementor: What I Like About It

If anyone ask me a question – Are you love this? Yes I do but I literally love almost everything about Elementor. By using this page builder, you can be completely changed your websites.

The most popular thing that. It’s very easy to learn and use. Once you install it, you can use it right away to create new posts or pages. The front-end drag and drop option is really too good.

The visual editor is really so much good because it is a user-friendly live editor. You can also use its navigator to find where things are located.

The drag-and-drop front-end page building experience is so easy that even a 9-year-old can create a stunning website.

Elementor: What I Don’t Like About It

It is my clear information about the Elementor page builder, there are a few things can improve on to make their users’ lives even easier.

The free and Pro templates and blocks are displayed together, with no way to filter the results to only display free or pro.

Elementor Review: Final Thoughts

Generally, I don’t like Elementor because it’s honestly the best WordPress page builder I’ve ever used but their pricing is too high.

It is true that, It’s rare to find a page builder that lets you create gorgeous websites in minutes and still manage to maintain your website performance.

The free version should be enough if you’re just starting out, and you can always upgrade to Pro if you want.

So, if you are agree with us please write some line of comment the section below or if you are not then also again write some line of sentence why are not.

Apu Kumar Roy
Apu Kumar Roy

Apu is the founder of Blogger Making. He previously managed the content marketing efforts for multinational brands. Now he teaches bloggers how to create a blog that thrives in a noisy online world.