Top 24 Website Builders: What Are The Benefits & Features Of Each?

Website builders are tools that typically allow the construction of websites without manual code editing. Website builders vary greatly in design and performance. Don’t sign up to a plan that won’t suit your business. Read and compare real website builder ratings that are based on genuine opinions from Twitter. Our comparison chart quickly lets you compare the key brands so you can choose the best website builder for your small business, startup or entrepreneur website.

Company Main Features Price More
wix-logo Wix Free domain name included VIP: From $ 24.5/mo Visit website
Premium help & support via phone & email Unlimited: From $12.5/mo
Mobile friendly & fully customizable themes Combo: From $ 8.5/mo Read reviews
More features at Connect Domain: $ 4.5/mo
hostgator-logo Gator
Easy to use Starter Plan: From $3.46/mo Visit website
Free domain and SSL Premium Plan: From $ $5.39/mo
24/7/365 support eCommerce Plan: From $ $8.30/mo Read reviews
More features at Gator
boldgrid-logo BoldGrid
Powered by WordPress & easy to customize WP-1000S: From $ 6.99/mo Visit website
Drag & drop & mobile optimized themes WP-2000S: From $ 9.99/mo
90-day money back guarantee WP-3000S: From $ 12.99/mo Read reviews
More features at WP-4000S:From $ 19.99/mo

Everybody needs a website because in each want to start their business through internet. From the expertise of beginner, they don’t have any sufficient knowledge to create your own website using row coding. So, Website Builder is the only one solution to design your own market place for your own choice.

It is impossible to design own website through row coding. Most of the bloggers or digital marketers don’t know how to design a website using programming language.

They are hiring to manage their website through different countries developers. Without hiring a developer to start your own online business or individual market place website builder is the only solution to manage and build their website.

However, finding the best website builder can be tricky for beginner who doesn’t have any clear ideas which website builder is perfect for your niches.

What is a Website Builder?

Website builder is a tool that typically allow the construction of websites without manual code editing. In the previous days you must have to know HTML markup language to create a website. But now you don’t know about the programming languages.

In the previous day, if you want to create using row coding to build your website, you need to know JavaScript, CSS, and PHP. For this reason, if you don’t have any idea about the programming language, there are no option or no alternative to hire a web developer to do all the work for you.

But, now creating a website doesn’t have to be so difficult. To creating your own online business, you don’t have any clear idea about the programming language.

It would be possible the blessing for the new technology software called website builder.

In fact, there are plenty of online tools (website builder) allowing you to create a professional online marketing or business website without having any programming knowledge or funds for a developer. This is exactly what a website builder allows you to do.

Types of Website Builder

There are many opinions in the internet. Someone it divided into two categories and someone it divides into three categories. Website builders can be divided into three main categories:

  • Proprietary Online Website Builders – This kind of website builder have a complete package that includes a website builder, templates, and hosting for your website.
  • Website builders provided by a hosting company – We know that some hosting companies have their own website builders that you can use to build your website.
  • Content Management Systems – It is usually referred to as a CMS. The CMS itself is free to download and use but you have to purchase a hosting plan and then install the CMS onto your hosting server. Example: WordPress is opensource CMS that provides you a lot of functionalities and plugins.

How does it work?

Most of the expert said that It’s exactly as simple as its sound. We know that a good product always gives us good output. This quotation works for all kind of digital or analog product.

Website builders are basically created to be very easy to use. Its allowing anyone beginners or experienced or mastered designers – to create an entire website within a minute.

When designer is starting to creating theirs or client’s website, they are using a drag-and- drop editor which are available in the left side or right side of desktop.

Users build a website simply by dragging elements and dropping them to the desired location, no coding knowledge or experience is required. It’s as easy as moving file icons on your computer.

A good website builder will allow you to build, customize and create without any development knowledge. There are dozens of features which allow you to do this in an intuitive way, some of them useful, others vital.

Nowadays, many developers actually prefer to use website builders to eliminate time-consuming and unnecessary manual work.

Let’s take a look the following steps see how to work a website builder:

  • Before starting your website design, first you need to choose a design template that best fit your needs. All website builders come with a library of website templates. All of the library template was designed for your purposes.
  • When you import any kind of design template, it comes with built-in elements and content. You should need to edit an element and place it using your own content. You need to click on its which content want to replaced. This will open the editor where you can make changes. Page elements are re-arranged by dragging and dropping – just drag and drop the element to the new position.
  • After doing that, you have to add new elements and widgets to increase your website fitness. A lot of standard elements and widgets include images, photo galleries, videos, contact forms, blogs, social sharing buttons.
  • Once you are happy with your new website, just click on the publish button and then your website on live that is viewable from anywhere in the world.

What features should a website builder have?

In each website builder must have some specialty that increase our hungriness and increase our dependability. Those kinds of specialty called feature. To be a best website builder, it should have some special functionality. In each website builder must have the following features as follows.

  • Ease of use:
    In each website builders must be a user-friendly orientation that increase our usability. Because a website builder is basically designed for the purpose of average person so that they can easily create and launch a website as quickly and as easily as possible. Ease of use is the first priority features that must have in each website builders. This feature must be easy and straightforward to use. More complex user-interface website builder is difficult to use, then you should look for another one.
  • Quality of website design templates and themes:
    Basically, a lot of pre-made template are available in each website builders but how much quality is available in the pre-made templates and themes. It doesn’t matter how user-friendly a website builder is if the templates lack quality. When it comes to templates, you want to use clean, modern, mobile-friendly and customizable designs. In each website builders, you will get hundreds of clean and modern templates spanning over 10 main categories. In each templates and themes come with a full preview mode. You can easily check all functionalities of the template by clicking on pages and buttons. If you satisfy with their design, you can publish it through clicking on the publish button.
  • Website design template customization options
    We can’t find any person who will go to the war without instrument that is the reality in our present life. Like this sentence a website builder will touch the best quality if they have a lot of user-friendly customization option. Most website builders let you easily change the color, font, layout and background of your website via the editor. Some even gives you access to the template’s HTML/CSS codes for more advanced customizations.
  • Pre-formatted web page layouts
    When you start your online business, you don’t have much time to customize your website which you want. But a best website builder must have best oriented Pre-formatted web page layouts that decrease your efforts and save a lot of times.
  • eCommerce solutions
    eCommerce is the most popular and most word nowadays. Each person wants to build an online market place and create digital marketing website.

    To be best website builder, in each must have eCommerce solutions that help both personal blogger and eCommerce marketers.

  • Blogging tool
    The website builder main job is to build a website, not a blog, so it’s only natural that its blogging capabilities fall short in comparison to WordPress or other blogging platforms.
    Most website builders give you all the basic tools and features for your blog, i.e. adding posts, managing comments, setting blog categories and implementing social sharing.
  • Social sharing functionality
    At present social media act as a digital media which promote your online market through sharing your websites. To be a best website builder, it must have social media integration and sharing buttons are important features to look for in a website builder. Luckily, most website builders come with integrated social sharing buttons you can easily add on your web pages.
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